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Stay in control of daily operations

Our ERP is focused on the operational side of business to ensure that you are staying in control.


This is when the complexity of a business has reached its peak. There are only two options from this point on: Thrive or Fail.


Staying in control of daily business operations is much easier said than done. Perhaps, in the beginning, new entrepreneurs with fresh minds and loads of energy can keep their small operations under control, but success rarely sees operations remaining small and manageable.
As a business grows, gets more customers, hires more staff, there are a growing number of processes to take care of. Soon excel sheets are required to keep track of everything. With more growth, excel is no longer enough. Too many processes, people, clients, orders, numbers, documents and files become completely overwhelming.

What is INControl?

INControl is a Enterprise resource planning system that brings disruptive innovation to the digitalisation market by combining the best of custom systems and off-the-shelf solutions into a single platform. Digitisation has so many clear benefits that any business looking to thrive will look to systemise its processes.


The INControl ERP System is here to change the way your business operates!

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Take control of your processes!

Enforce your policies!

Track your timelines!

Measure your success!

Continue to improve and grow!

Be #INControl!

Which ERP System suits your needs best?

  Custom Development INControl
Other ERP systems
Price $$$$$$$$
Startup time 1,5 to 2 years minimum1 month1- 2 years

You have control over every font and menu, but you also need to make the best choices about every font and menu.

Your processes, your documents, your KPIs, your database, your reports

Your Way

Solutions are modular and any changes will be small, slow and very expensive.

Effort A complete project to spec, monitor, oversee, test and implement.A Business Analyst will be assigned to you to give advice, implement changes and support your digitisation process.Since you are adjusting to a ‘standard’ process that might not suit your business, every step of implementation must be carefully planned. If your business cannot function under the newly imposed laws, you risk everything.


Bugs, errors, server issues. 100 things could go wrong.


INControl is a mature system with many clients and many backup servers.


Most solutions will comply with the international standard uptimes.

Support You get what you pay for.WhatsApp support groups generally see a response to your query in less than 2 hours.You get what you pay for.
Security You get what you pay for.INControl complies with the latest international security protocols.INControl complies with the latest international security protocols.

You get what you pay for.

Minor changes are likely to incur high costs.

Flexibility and scalability are INControl’s greatest strengths.

You get what you pay for.

Minor changes are likely to incur high costs & take long times to change.

Digitisation will alleviate the operational complexity that Excel can no longer keep up with, but insufficient or expensive systems can become a ball and chain, keeping your business from making the changes you need. 

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Client Experience

“Using INControl, we have an immediate overview of the business. We are now proactively aware of our customer needs, and our service excellence will enable us to stay ahead of our competition.”


Arthi Govender

Market Research and Strategy Manager at Air Products

Case studies

Case Study 1a Jacobs Transport:

Stabilising operational complexity leads to new growth. Since Jacobs Transport has implemented INControl in their operations and planning in 2018, they have increased their operations by 300%. This is due to various factors that INControl made possible, but the most noteworthy part is that they did not need to appoint one extra person.

Why INControl is revolutionary?

INControl is a revolutionary enterprise resource planning system because it empowers strategic thinkers to challenge the status quo. It is designed for flexibility.  INControl can change and adapt to your business whenever you need it and with no great cost expenditure.  INControl was also designed for scale, capable of handling large databases in simple structures. 


We believe in disruptive innovation to help business owners be in control by enabling their business to be more efficient and profitable. We strive to create custom configuration solutions to provide flexible operational software that solves bespoke needs to simplify business processes.


We give business owners control by providing customised software solutions tailored to their ever-changing workflow and meeting their specific requirements instead of forcing their business to strain under the pressure of a pre-built package.

The Value of INControl to Business Managers

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