INControl Reseller Channel Partner Program

We work through Channel Partners

We believe in disruptive innovation to help business owners be in control by enabling their business to be more efficient and profitable. We challenge the status quo for business networks and partners because we cherish mutual success rather than the exploitation of resources. Therefore, we are actively seeking new channel partners in all process-driven industries to expand the INControl footprint. Would you like to join the INControl Channel Partner Program?

Why you should consider becoming an INControl Channel Partner

If you are an Industry Expert or management consultant, you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity to help your customers achieve Digital Transformation of their business and give them access to the following advantages:

INControl Partners

Our partners are all business builders who understand the value that Digital Transformation brings to their respective sectors. To truly appreciate the power of INControl and its industry-disrupting capability, it is essential to be a sector expert. The Channel Partnership Programme also enables existing entities with established business networks to become INControl partners. This offers the opportunity to add immense value throughout the client network and provides a great deal of “stickiness” within the network.

Why you should become a partner

INControl is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the digitalisation trend, and the market is near endless. If this is attractive to you, it might signify that you are an entrepreneur, and this programme is for you.

If you have a current network, INControl can add immense power to the value proposition. It provides a competitive edge to grow your network whilst simultaneously guarantees “stickiness” to existing clients.

Channel Partner training program

New Channel Partners will go through an extensive training process for success:

  • Understanding the principles of Digital Transformation and Business operating processes
  • Sales training, including Sales and Marketing starter kits
  • Business Analyst training and INControl certification
  • Ongoing Partner webinars and support

Become a Channel Partner

Our core values are dear to us, and it is indispensable in long term partnerships. It is the “GUI-stuff” that holds us together and aligns our vision.

Individual; Please apply for an appointment by elaborating on the following topics in writing.

  1. How you became aware of INControl
  2. Sector of expertise
  3. Main accomplishments
  4. Why do you want to become a partner

Existing entity; Please apply for an appointment by elaborating on the following topics in writing.

  1. Company values
  2. Company organogram
  3. Sector of operations
  4. List of flagship clients
  5. The added value INControl will provide the partner company and Vice Versa.