Success Stories

Here’s what our clients have to say


“INControl has eliminated paper trails and miscommunications. Customer expectations are exceeded every time. We are highly satisfied with the speed and quality of the workflow process. […] The monthly savings per technician is on average 200km, five hours, R1 500 (printing costs), 300 min (telephone time) and 80h (internal admin). This means staff members have much more time and energy to do what they are meant to: satisfy customer needs. A recent survey shows a customer satisfaction growth of 19%.”

Lukas Visage

Head of Siemens Service Centre


“INControl provided us with an audit trail which allows workflows to be traceable and everyone involved knows when they need to action something. This greatly improved the efficiency of our workflow. The staff were friendly and willing to assist in making the solution workable for our specific needs. They also frequently followed up to ensure our satisfaction.”

Michael Schreuder

Siemens Field Service Manager


“Using INControl, we have an immediate overview of the business. We are now proactively aware of our customer needs, and our service excellence will enable us to stay ahead of our competition.”

Arthi Govender

Market Research and Strategy Manager at Air Products

Case Studies

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